Olive Mill

Not so long ago, every larger Istrian village had an oil mill and Ipši was no difference. The olive mill, which was owned by our ancestors, and opened in 1929, pressed its last drops in 1966 only to return over more than half a century later! Precious drops of olive oil flow once again in this charming village in one of four technologically most advanced olive mills in the world.

The olive mill, situated on our estate, is divided into two levels. This allows for an extremely important step in the production hygiene and maximum quality of our oils: the collecting point is separated from the production itself.
The first part of the process – removing the leaves and cleaning the olives – is carried out on the upper level, while the lower one is dedicated solely to oil production. What’s unique about our olive mill, and reflects in the quality of our olive oil, is its constant temperature throughout the production cycle, which begins with the olives being washed in fresh water.

After the wash, the cleansed olives are directed into the cooled mill where, thanks to the controlled temperature during the press, all their natural aromas, piquancy and tang are captured in the oil. Our olive oil’s top quality and freshness is also obtained by the olives having extremely short contact with the oxygen. They only briefly feel the air while falling into the press. After that the whole process takes place in vacuum, which means there is no oxidation affecting the aroma and bouquet of the oil up to the point when it flows from the decanter.

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