Wine Production

The methods we use in our wine production are authentic and traditional with the minimal influence of technology or mechanization. The quality of grape bunches is obtained by meticulous crop and harvest control. In late August or early September, we set out to hand pick the grapes.

The harvest is carefully planned, and the grapes are divided according to vineyards and sorts. In our cellars the grapes spontaneously ferment in their own yeasts and later macerate. This process lasts 10 to 25 days after which we do the pressing and sedimentation. Once the wine is put into wooden barrels, we let it age between 10 and 18 months.

Olive Oil Production

In order to ensure top quality olive oil, in the treatment of our olive trees we only use ecologically approved methods and protective measures. Once the olives have ripened, by the beginning of October, we start with the hand picking according to cultivars and press them on the same day.

The olives are cold pressed to obtain a high-quality olive oil rich in fruitiness, aroma and mild piquancy, which our customers have long come to appreciate and cherish. Our oils are kept in the cellar in inox barrels under strict temperature conditions between 16 and 18 degrees

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