Authentic natural wines

Ipša wines are natural wines obtained from both native and world famous grapes such as Istrian Malvazija, Pinot Grigio, Merlot, Refosco and Teran. Our wines undergo the process of extended maceration and age in wooden barrels. Our selection includes three wines: Malvasia IstrianaPinot Gris and Santa Elena.


One hundred percent pure Istrian Malvazija is a wine of exceptional thickness and recognisable sparkly amber colour. Its bouquet evokes mature fruitiness and the aroma is that of ripe apricots, melon and peaches. This is a harmonious, rounded wine with mild acidity. It is best served at the temperature of 10 degrees alongside vegetable starters and pasta with cheese or cream sauces, seafood risotto, steamed or baked fish and red meat. The first harvest dates from 2015.


Sivi Pinot

The grapes of Pinot Grigio are somewhat darker than in other white cultivars, which gives this wine its beautiful, extravagant amber hue. Its bouquet is intensive and fine at the same time, entangled with notes of dried apple, apricot and fig, vanilla and cinnamon. Both an opulent and dry wine, it is splendidly accompanied with cured meats, white meat and white fish dishes as well as seafood. It is best served chilled at 10 degrees.


Santa Elena

Santa Elena is a red wine, Merlot and Refosco coupage. It has been named after the vineyard in the vicinity of Oprtalj, lying 420 m above sea level, which also makes it among the highest positioned grapevines of the region. This is a full body wine of mild bouquet with the notes of forest fruits, cinnamon and carob. It is perfectly paired with red meat dishes as well as rich spicy dishes. It is best served at room temperature.


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